The Key to Linking Mental and Physical Health

The Key to Linking Mental and Physical Health

Learn about the psychotherapy process in Burke, TX

If you've been searching for a therapist who can help with your teen's mental and physical health, 4R Farm Equine Assisted Counseling is a top choice. We use principles of psychotherapy in our equine-assisted sessions to promote the link between mental and physical health.

Psychotherapy has been shown to help a wide range of diagnoses, such as depression, anxiety, trauma and more. You can expect our approach to involve...

  • Making sure your teen and our therapist are a good fit
  • Showing your child how to take an active role in their care
  • Drawing from interpersonal neurobiology to inform interventions

Most patients only need to visit us for a few months with some follow-ups afterwards if necessary. Speak with our therapist in Burke, TX about how psychotherapy can help your child today.

Rest assured we'll keep things confidential

Patient safety and confidentiality are highly important to our therapist. That's why you can rely on us to keep your sessions totally private and only share as much as you request with written consent. Discuss any concerns by calling 936-465-5416 now.